Electranix Corporation

Electranix is pleased to announce E-Tran 4.0!

We have been hard at work improving the E-Tran software based on user feedback and our own extensive product testing.  In addition to all the core functionality you are accustomed to (translation of powerflow data to PSCAD along with study efficiency tools), we have packed the following new features into this release:
– Brand new interface, streamlined to better suit typical engineering workflows.
– Introduction of “fault study automation”.  Specify the locations and types of system faults you’d like to simulate, and E-Tran will do the work of building them into your case in an elegant and controllable fashion.
– Enhancement of bus-list management and selection, including deeper integration into PSS/E .raw data.
– Re-organized logging of E-Tran run information to assist in identifying critical user information.
– Tools to elegantly organize and specify multiple substitution libraries and dependencies.

As always, free trials and support for our software are available, and academic use is encouraged.  Students, please use our software for free!!