Electranix Corporation

Electranix helps you overcome technical challenges in your electric power transmission and distribution systems. We offer simulation studies, provide power system consulting, and offer training customized for your needs.

Power System Studies

We provide studies and simulations of complex power electronics, distributed generation and transmission systems that help power transmission providers complete their projects.


We have assisted large and small scale projects around the world with complex power systems, control modelling, and set-up.

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E-TRANTranslating EMT simulations into effective studies

E-TRAN gives you the confidence of accurate PSS/E translation into PSCAD/EMTDC for precise study results.

E-TRAN provides:

  • Translation of PSS/E files into PSCAD files
  • Generation of network equivalents
  • Initialization of components to loadflow steady state values
  • Detailed models in place of simple load flow data

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