Electranix Corporation

Free Trial

Electranix has partnered with PTI to offer E-Tran technology integrated with the PSS®E platform.

E-Tran (PSS®E-PSCAD Data Conversion Module) and E-Tran Plus for PSS/E (PSS®E-PSCAD Co-Simulation) trial licenses and quotations may be requested through the PTI Optional Add-On Modules for PSS®E site.  Scroll down to the middle of the page to the section with the add on modules under the “Companion Extension Tools” tab and look for “PSS®E-PSCAD Data Conversion Module (E-Tran)” and “PSS®E-PSCADTM Co-Simulation (E-Tran Plus for PSS®E)” to request a free one-month trial.

E-Tran Plus for PSCAD (Parallel simulation) is distributed directly through Electranix. To request a trial or quotation for this product alone, please contact us at E-TRAN@electranix.com