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Digital Simulation of DC Links and AC Machines

Back in the 1970’s, we made good use of the analog dc simulator at the Hydro Quebec Institute of Research (IREQ) for studies on the Nelson River dc transmission system. We got into fierce debates there about the eventual replacement of analog dc simulators by digital simulators. Some Hydro Quebec and Manitoba Hydro engineers said it was not possible. One engineer said he would only believe a digital simulation of a dc link if core saturation instability was demonstrated. Well we did it and this paper was the evidence that indeed dc transmission could be accurately simulated:

D.A. Woodford, A.M. Gole, R.W. Menzies, “Digital Simulation of DC Links and AC Machines,” IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems, Vol. PAS-102, No. 6, June 1983, pp1616.