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Electranix has developed a Dynamic Linked Library (DLL) importing tool which supports the IEEE/Cigre DLL modeling standard currently under development and is making this tool available to its clients free of charge. “EDIT” generates interfaces to PSCAD (fully developed) and PSS/E (partially supported and under further development), so these models can be used in these simulation programs.
The IEEE/Cigre DLL format is a standard way that power system model developers can release models that work on any simulation tool/platform, including both EMT (electro-magnetic transient tools like PSCAD) and RMS transient stability tools (like PSS/E).
This modeling standard is often used by equipment manufacturers, who add a small .c code wrapper around their control and protection “real code” (ie the code running in field firmware) so the identical field algorithms can be called from simulation tools (complete with every gain, setting, protection etc. as per the field hardware). The complete code set is compiled to a DLL, which allows the author of the code to keep their algorithm/source code confidential, while allowing the code to be used in any tool, any version. DLLs are generally not sensitive to compiler versions, static linking issues etc.
The tool can also be used by developers of generic/standard models, which allows the identical model to be used in any simulation platform.
The tool also includes a special/unique feature which allows manually written models (which sometimes do not group state variables), to support snapshots, multiple runs and multiple instances. These features are commonly required features in utility model requirements.
For more information on the IEEE/Cigre DLL standard, or if you would like to receive a copy of Electranix’ EDIT tool for use with PSCAD or PSS/E, please contact:
Garth Irwin, President
Electranix Corporation
email: gdi (at domain electranix.com).
phone: 953-1831 (area code 204, country code +1).