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E-TRAN Plus for PSCAD” and “E-TRAN Plus for PSS/E” are add-ons to E-TRAN (and are sold/licensed separately).


is a set of models which allow large PSCAD cases to be broken up and run using parallel processing on multiple cores (on 1 computer) or on multiple computers that does the following:

  • Allows a large PSCAD case to be broken up into many PSCAD cases so they can be run on many cpu/cores or onto multiple computers
  • Allows each subsystem/process to be run with a different simulation time step
  • Allows each subsystem/process to be built with a different version of PSCAD
  • Allows each subsystem/process to be built with a different version of Fortran compilers
  • Results in identical results as an original PSCAD case (run on one cpu)

A large PSCAD case can be broken up electrically in the following ways:

  1. Where any Bergeron traveling wave transmission line or cable is used
  2. At any transformer location (using the scaling transformer model)

E-TRAN Plus for PSS/E

is a hybrid simulation interface between PSCAD and PSS/E transient stability programs. It allows network equivalents in PSCAD to communicate with a PSS/E transient stability time domain simulation. Basically the PSCAD side system equivalent gets updated from PSS/E’s voltage, angle and frequency, and the PSS/E side gets updated from what happens in PSCAD. Once the hybrid simulation is setup, both programs run in parallel, communicating and updating each other.

Hybrid simulation allows:

  • Dynamic system equivalents in PSCAD
  • Accurate detailed models running in PSSE
  • Different versions of PSSE running simultaneously